Dr. Uri NItzan 

Uri Nitzan is a senior psychiatrist and director of the depression and crisis intervention department at

the Shalvata Mental Health Center.  He is a member of the academic staff at the Sackler school of medicine in Tel-Aviv University, and a graduate of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy school at Tel-Aviv University.


Dr. Nitzan is a graduate of the Hebrew University school of medicine at Hadassah. He completed his residency in psychiatry at the Shalvata Mental Health Center, and was chosen to be part of the "star residents" program of Kupat Cholim Clalit.  Following his residency Dr Nitzan spent time at the Mood Disorders section and Brian Stimulation unit at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

Dr. Nitzan gained a lot of experience in treating depression and bipolar disorder and in tailoring the optimal treatment for the patient.

 : His expertise is in

   Crisis intervention

 Mood disorders – specifically, depression with pain symptoms and depression that is resistant to                   medication

 Anxiety disorders

(Adult attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD 

  Legal opinion


Contact Details

Dr. Uri Nitzan

Senior psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Tel: 972-547822392

Email: urini@clalit.org.il

Clinic address: Namirover 2, Ramat-Hachayal, Tel-Aviv